4 Tips for Helping an Elderly Loved One Dealing with Loneliness

Home Care in North York

Home Care in North YorkLoneliness is a powerful emotion because even if your loved one isn’t alone a lot, she can feel that there’s no one there for her. If you think that your loved one is battling loneliness, try talking to her to see what you can do to resolve the situation.

Pay Attention to Your Loved One
As a caregiver to your elderly loved one, you’re probably really busy. You’ve got your responsibilities at home, your responsibilities at work, and your obligations to your loved one to juggle. All of that probably means that you’re on autopilot a lot more than you realize. Try sitting down and spending quality time with your elderly loved one to really listen. You may be able to spot cues that let you know that she’s unhappy or that she’s feeling lonely. Once you start noticing that there’s something going on, you can start to solve it.

Is Boredom the Problem?
Sometimes your loved one might be lonely because she’s stuck in a rut. She may be dealing with the same people and the same situations, and nothing feels personal or like anyone involved is really there. Occasionally having new experiences or meeting new people could be all that she needs in order to feel better about her situation.

Maybe it’s Medical
Your loved one could also be feeling isolated due to issues with her health that lead to her isolating herself more than usual. Whether she’s dealing with an embarrassing skin condition, like psoriasis, or something more involved, like shingles, physical health can make a big difference in your loved one’s emotional health. If you’re in doubt at all as to whether medical conditions are contributing to her loneliness, talk to your loved one’s doctor.

Sort Out a Plan to Defeat the Loneliness
Once you have a handle on why your loved one might be feeling lonely, it’s time to put a plan in place to take care of the problem. A solution could be as simple as you spending some more time with your loved one. If you can’t do that, though, consider hiring home care providers who can come over and provide companionship for your loved one. Getting involved in activities in the neighborhood senior center or even volunteering for a few hours a month could also be just the trick. Tailor a solution for the cause of your loved one’s loneliness for the best results.

Feeling alone and lonely is never a good feeling, and you can help your loved one to kick loneliness.

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