Are There Signs that Your Loved One Might Be Having a COPD Flare?

Home Care in North York: Are There Signs that Your Loved One Might Be Having a COPD Flare?

COPD flares or exacerbations can be very common for people who suffer from COPD. Learning how to recognize these flares can help your loved one follow her COPD care plan. If your loved one is having extreme trouble breathing, call her doctor or emergency services right away to get her help as soon as possible.

She’s Shorter of Breath than Usual

COPD can keep your loved one short of breath, but when that sensation is worse than usual it’s a sign that there’s something else going on. Keep an eye on whether your loved one’s breathing has changed at all and that can tell you a lot about what is going on with her lungs.

She’s Feeling Weaker than Usual

Because your loved one’s lungs aren’t functioning as well as they should be, your loved one isn’t getting as much oxygen as she should be. That can leave her feeling more tired and weaker than she usually does. This is the kind of tired and weak that doesn’t usually improve with a little bit of rest.

She’s Wheezing When She Breathes

Your loved one may find that wheezing is a regular part of every day for her. When that wheezing becomes much worse, however, your loved one is likely on the way to an exacerbation. The wheezing might be loud and obvious or quieter and more persistent.

She’s Coughing More Frequently

Coughing takes a lot out of someone with COPD. First of all, it requires energy to cough. Another problem is that coughing usually means that your loved one isn’t able to take in as much oxygen, which can leave her feeling even more winded.

Mucus or Phlegm Changes Color

Some of your loved one’s coughs might be productive, which means that she coughs up phlegm or mucus. If that mucus changes colors or more of it shows up than usual, this can be a sign that a lung infection is brewing for your loved one.

When your loved one is on the verge of a COPD flare, having someone else that she can count on, such as home care providers, can help her to avoid pushing herself too hard.

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