Are You Keeping Up with Your Own Home as a Family Caregiver? If Not, it Could be Affecting Your Health

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You want to be there for your elderly mother who recently returned home from the hospital following a significant heart attack. The prospect of hiring an in-home care provider came up, but because of your close proximity you Caregiver in Torontofigured this was the best option.

As a family caregiver, you are likely dealing with a lot of other issues in your life. Maybe you have a full-time job, children to raise, and other responsibilities. Perhaps you are incredibly busy and taking care of your mother is placing increased stress and burden on your life.

You may very well be neglecting the upkeep of your own home. That might not seem to be a major problem, especially if you managed to squeeze out a couple of hours once a month to tidy up, dust, vacuum, and basically clean your home once again.

It could very well be a significant issue that can affect your health (and anyone else living in the house with you). This is typically the time of year to be reminded how important it is to keep up with the cleanliness inside your home as it can affect your health and others around you.

How air quality is impacted when you don’t clean properly.

Every seven days your body sheds skin cells. The skin cells are comprised of approximately 80 percent of the dust in any home. Along with those dead skin cells are bacteria, germs, and other pollutants. They can also include allergens. When you don’t dust, vacuum, and clean on a regular basis, every time somebody walks on the floor, sits down on a piece of furniture, opens the blinds or curtains, or does anything else in the house, it is stirring up all of that dust, allergens, and pollutants.

Those pollutants end up entering your body as you breathe in. Most of them get trapped by the body and expelled, and those that get past the initial line of defense are usually taken care of by a strong immune system.

However, when you are run down, tired, not eating healthy, not getting enough sleep, and having other issues you are likely dealing with a compromised and weaker immune system. That exposes you to increased risk of allergies, infections, viruses, colds, and much more.

If you simply can’t keep up with the cleanliness in your own home because of your work as a caregiver for an elderly parent or other family member, it’s time to consider relying on professional in-home care providers.  They can be hired for just a few hours a day once or twice a week, at a minimum, which could give you more than enough time to focus on keeping your own home clean and safe.

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