Are You Really a Caregiver?

Caregivers in Etobicoke: Are You Really a Caregiver?

Some caregivers hesitate to describe themselves as a caregiver. They may perform a few functions for their elderly loved one here and there, but does that really make them a caregiver? You may be much more of a family caregiver than you think that you are, especially if you’re handling some of these activities for your loved one.

You’re Making Sure Your Loved One Is Safe or OK

If you’re doing things regularly to make sure that your loved one is safe, such as correcting issues at her home or checking in to make sure that she’s OK, you’re probably more of a caregiver than you realize. This can also involve checking on her regularly by phone, especially if you live quite a distance away. Being a caregiver means focusing on your loved one’s overall safety.

You’re Managing Some Communications with Your Loved One’s Doctors

Another task that caregivers typically handle is helping their elderly loved ones manage their health and their communications with their doctors. Your loved one might invite you along to doctor’s appointments or ask you to call her doctor for her. Managing these types of situations for your loved one is definitely a caregiving activity.

You’re Helping out with Household Tasks

Your loved one might be at a stage in which she needs a little extra help with some household tasks, such as changing light bulbs, doing laundry, or mowing her lawn. You might not see this as caregiving, since you’re only helping out with a few things because you want to help your loved one, but it definitely is caregiving.

You’re Finding Other People Who Can Help Your Loved One

Especially if you live far away from your loved one, you might be helping her to find senior agencies or elderly care providers who can provide on-site care for her in ways that you can’t. Part of being a primary family caregiver involves managing care situations for your loved one, even if you don’t feel that you’re operating as a caregiver.

Reframing your own definition about what being a caregiver means can help you to get the help that you need to be a caregiver for your loved one.

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