Becoming a Better Caregiver for Your Aging Parent

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Caregivers often struggle every day, as the challenges can seem unending at times. A new day brings about new challenges, even when you thought you just solved yesterday’s issue. What makes itCaregiver in Vaughan a bit challenging is that our roles are reversed, we are now charged with the responsibilities of taking care of our parents. Despite the challenges, you have to find a way to understand the needs of your parent and get through to them.
“I can’t get through to Mom anymore,” or “I don’t have enough time to get everything done.” These are the just some example of the challenges caregivers face. So, how does one become a better caregiver despite the challenges?


Do it from the heart
It doesn’t matter how you got the job, maybe you were the only sibling available, with extra space in your home, or you couldn’t afford in-home care. It doesn’t matter…. you now have the job, it’s yours. Don’t view caregiving as a forced obligation. Do it from the heart. Caregiving is the best way to do something selfless for your parents. Think of it in the most positive way, as something you want to do. Commit to it because you are making an impact in your parent’s life.


Communicate with touch
As a caregiver, you will often get caught up with the day’s activities forgetting to show affection to your parent. Family caregivers can create meaningful connections just by showing love in the simplest of ways every day. Make eye contact when you communicate, a soft touch on the arm, a hug or a pat. This will remind your parent that you love taking care of them making them feel important


Remember the person inside
Remember the person you grew up knowing as you care for your parent. Your parent may have changed physically or mentally but inside he/she is still the person you grew up loving, always keep that in mind. This will also help you serve their needs better because you know your parent better than most people.


Watch out for non-verbal clues
Look out for signs of agitation or irritation that your parent may not be able to express verbally. Don’t assume that all is well simply because he/she has not told you about it. Use body language to your advantage because subtle non-verbal clues will tell you a lot about their needs and discomforts.


Be present
Most caregivers are so concerned with getting everything done that they forget to spend quality time with their parents. Take the time to sit down and enjoy their company, notice their tone of voice, is there any physical change? Don’t be consumed with doing things around them that you forget what’s really important. Your parent will notice this and become more cooperative because you love spending time with them.


Talk about personal boundaries
Don’t work with the assumption that your parent needs you to help them with everything. Discuss with them about what they want and what they don’t want. Make them feel comfortable about the topic so that they are confident and honest enough to tell you if they need help. Do they need help with toileting or getting on/off the table? No matter how embarrassing or uncomfortable the issue may be, handle it candidly. Once you are clear on this, you can work better together.


As a family caregiver remember that you are not a trained home care professional, so most concepts you will learn on the job. Elder care requires patience and sensitivity because of the intimate care involved, work to gain the trust of your parent to make them comfortable with you helping. Make it a matter of teamwork between you and your parent requiring both of you to work together.

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