Benefits of Vitamin D for Seniors

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A deficiency in Vitamin D can have significant health effects on both seniors and their home care provider. Ensuring enough Vitamin D is acquired through supplements, diet or sunlight can help Senior-Care-Aurorato prevent issues with fractures and falls, some cancers, high blood pressure and even autoimmune disorders, according to

Definition of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for strong healthy bones. It is produced naturally in the body when a person is exposed to sunlight. It will help the body to absorb calcium, which is essential to the strength and health of bones.

According to the Vitamin D Council, the body may begin to lose bone tissue, which can lead to skeletal deformities, muscle weakness and bone pain. Vitamin D also plays a crucial role in helping to:

  • Move muscles
  • Fight infection
  • Regulate cell growth
  • Take messages throughout the nervous system

A deficiency of vitamin D can occur at any point of time in the year, not just the winter time. In most cases, sun exposure to the skin will provide enough vitamin D. However, during the winter months, many seniors stay inside, which prevents the vitamin D from actually penetrating the senior’s skin.

Negative effects of a deficiency of Vitamin D in seniors

There are a number of reasons that vitamin D deficiency may occur in seniors. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition seniors have a number of risk factors, which include:

  • A reduced intake of vitamin D
  • Issues with intestinal absorption
  • Minimized exposure to direct sunlight
  • Minimized skin thickness

Specific reasons seniors require Vitamin D

WebMD states that vitamin D is an integrate component in the prevention of a number of serious health issues. Seniors who get the recommended doses of vitamin D every day will be much less likely to:

  • Suffer from issues with mobility and independence
  • Suffer from a fracture or fall
  • Experience issues with bone disorders and osteoporosis
  • Suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular issues and a number of cancers
  • Reduce the potential for early admission to a nursing home

How to get more vitamin D

There are a number of ways that seniors can get the recommended amount of vitamin D. From fortified foods to supplements and sun exposure, acquiring the right amount of this vitamin is not extremely difficult. However, in many cases, seniors will need to be reminded to spend time in the sun or to eat certain foods in order to get an adequate amount of this vitamin. There is no reason to become vitamin deficient when there are a number of sources of this vital vitamin.

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