What is Mindfulness and How Does It Help You Provide Care?

Stress impacts the body in many ways. The stress hormones that the body releases are designed for a purpose. They’re part of the fight or flight response that helps you avoid dangerous situations. When this stress is excessive and doesn’t seem to end, those hormones can impact the body’s immune response. They can make you feel tired and hungry all the time. They affect your overall mood.


Caregiver in Aurora: Mindfulness

Caregiver in Aurora: Mindfulness



Mindfulness is a stress-reducing technique that teaches you to keep a positive frame of mind, even when you’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s not always easy to learn, but it can help improve your stress levels and emotional well-being. When you’re positive, it radiates to the people you’re around every day.


How Does Mindfulness Work?

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is a program that blends some of the techniques used in Yoga with meditation and physical awareness. You learn to study how your body reacts to different stresses and use those feelings to overcome that stress.

Essentially, mindfulness is a process you use to learn to pay attention and listen. You don’t focus on the past or what could be soon to happen. You focus on the here and now. You live in the moment and take everything one step at a time.

Mindfulness meditations are repetitive in order to strengthen ways you can handle situations. You can’t avoid stress, but you can become mindful to that stress and learn to bring balance to your life rather than focus on the pain or suffering.


Steps Used in Mindfulness

Approach everything like it’s a new experience. Instead of focusing on the “this again” attitude that’s lurking, look at it with new eyes and see if you can find a new angle or experience to take away.

Learn to accept things as they are. You won’t be able to change all of the negative aspects of your life. You can learn to accept them and avoid letting them ruin your day. Let them go rather than focus on them.


Realize When You’re Overwhelmed and Need Help

One of the biggest aspects of mindfulness is learning to trust yourself. It’s not a weakness to admit you need help. Caring for an older parent is hard work. It’s hard emotionally and physically. Trying to do it all on your own can wear you out and impact your own health.

Home care professionals can help you avoid the stress and burnout that so many family caregivers experience. Talk to a home care agency about helpful services that allow you to spend quality time with your mom and dad.


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