Does My Elderly Mom Need In-Home Care?

When an elderly parent notices that they are struggling with certain daily tasks, they often work hard to conceal it from their adult children.
Perhaps they had a slip and fall in the shower or they can’t get down to the basement to do laundry. They may be forgetting about their medication or run out of energy before they get the house cleaned. It’s up to concerned adult children to observe whether their aging parent would benefit from in-home care providers.


Caregiver in Etobicoke: Senior Care Assistance

Caregiver in Etobicoke: Senior Care Assistance


What Causes Seniors to Struggle with Daily Tasks?

With age, the body changes and becomes less robust and strong. Chronic health conditions can interfere with typical abilities and age-related issues like hearing loss or poor vision are more pronounced. Arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke, cancer and more can affect how an elderly person gets through their day successfully or not.


All these factors can work together to make it difficult for seniors to do the things around the house they need to. It can be very frustrating for seniors to experience this decline in ability, especially when they’ve been capable and independent their whole adult life. While they may be able to conceal their struggles for a while, observant family caregivers should be looking for clues that signal they need help.


Hiring In-Home Care Providers for Seniors

If the aging parent doesn’t want to move away from home but the family caregiver sees the need for outside help, they can work out a compromise and hire in-home care providers. These professionally trained assistants help people live in their own home and remain healthy, safe and successful. Not only will the elderly parent enjoy a higher quality of life, but the adult children will have peace of mind that their aging mom or dad is well-cared for.


In-home care providers can handle a lot of different tasks that aging adults may have difficulty with. When it comes to looking after the house, home care providers can do light housework, laundry and basic maintenance like taking out the trash and changing light bulbs. Seniors who need help getting ready in the morning can rely on a home care provider to help with bathing, dressing and grooming. Other tasks that are part of a home care provider’s duties include meal planning and preparation, running errands and driving seniors to medical appointments.


In addition, home care providers can be companions to seniors who are home alone for long periods of time. They can keep them from being lonely and isolated by taking them on outings, encouraging them to be active, remind them when to take their medicine and alert family members if they notice any symptoms of illness. For adult children who want to keep their elderly parent at home but are concerned about their ability to live independently, in-home care providers are the ideal compromise that works for all.


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