Creating a Caregiving Schedule


Caregiver in Markham: Creating a Caregiving Schedule

If you have recently been given the role of the family caregiver for your aging parent, you may feel anything from a sense of gratitude to a sense of increasing stress that may be reaching a breaking point. It may be that a sudden injury or surgery has left your parent unable to perform the everyday tasks of living or a chronic disease is taking its toll. This may be a situation that will last for weeks or a situation that will, in all probability, be continuing for years. Whatever your unique situation, know that others have gone down this road before and they have learned to lead a balanced life while caring for their parent. One of the most important tasks to complete in order to get a sense of balance and control is the caregiving schedule.

The Schedule

A caregiver schedule consists of a daily chart that contains all the activities that your parent requires help with. These may include bathing, dressing, meal preparation, housekeeping, and laundry. It also contains activities that you have scheduled for your parent to ensure they lead a balanced life such as exercise and social engagement. They may need transportation for daily errands or appointments. Make sure that you have also included “time-outs” for yourself. This involves scheduling respite care a few hours to a few days a week with the help of friends, family, community members or an in-home care provider.

The Team

Once you have the schedule in writing, it’s time to develop a caregiving team. Throw your net wide and don’t forget about friends or family that live too far to offer their physical presence. There are other activities they can partake in, such as paying the bills online, preparing weekly menus that include a grocery shopping list, and weekly video chats that offer social interaction. Consider starting a respite care fund that can give you the opportunity you need to relax and recharge.

Other Support

Many communities offer support to caregivers and their families. This may include a volunteer driving service for seniors that are homebound. There is often a meal delivery service for those in need such as Meals on Wheels. The local senior community center is often a wealth of information. They offer classes designed for seniors, including exercise, art, technology, cooking and dancing. They offer shared meals and social outings. They are a great resource that helps your parent connect with those who are going through similar life challenges.

This can be one of the most rewarding times for both you and your parent. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily tasks that require completion, but don’t forget to take time to create special moments. These can be as simple as leafing through a photo album while sharing an ice tea on the patio to a seaside stroll or lunch at their favorite café.


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