Can You Recognize the Physical Signs of Stress?

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Some of the most obvious signs of too much stress, like chest pains or high blood pressure, are pretty noticeable. But there are other signs of caregiver stress you might not recognize at first.

Unable to Fall Asleep or Stay Asleep

When you’re stressed, you may be tired, fatigued even, and still find it difficult to fall asleep or to stay asleep once you get there. Often this has to do with your brain refusing to shut down, but you may be so tired that sleep is just tough to get.

Muscle Tension or Pain

You probably spend more time than you know with your muscles tensed, physically braced for the next problem or issue to hit you in the face. What this means, though, is that your muscles don’t get a chance to relax at all.

Digestive Issues

Have you noticed that when you’re stressed, you feel it in your stomach? Whether it’s a sinking feeling when you get bad news or simply too much heartburn, your digestive system can take a beating when you’re experiencing way too much stress.


Another problem that both stress and too much muscle tension can create is headaches that don’t appear to have a cause and that don’t seem to go away. You might find that you’re waking up with one and carrying it through your day. And every situation that piles more stress on you? Adds to your headache, too.

Skin Issues

Hives are your skin’s reaction to an irritant, most commonly, but did you know that they can pop up when you’re overly stressed, too? Other skin issues, such as eczema, psoriasis, and general itching, can also show up due to stress. These skin conditions have other causes that are often more common, too.

Jaw or Tooth Pain

If you clench your jaw when you’re stressed, you shouldn’t be surprised to find yourself dealing with jaw or tooth pain. Clenching your jaw can also contribute to your stress headaches, so solving your clenching problem can solve other issues.

A Faltering Immune System

If you find that you’re getting sick way more often than you used to, you might be able to thank your stress levels for that. Living with stress for too long can leave you catching every bug that crosses your path.

Recognizing the signs helps you to know that it’s time to do something about it.

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