How Caregivers Can Help Seniors During Their Physical Therapy Sessions

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Whether your elderly parent is recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery, their doctor may recommend physical therapy to help rehabilitate them. Physical therapy can be a beneficial treatment option for seniors who need relieve from chronic pain or other physical disabilities. While this form of therapy is not a quick fix, it can be extremely beneficial if used over time.

Older adults will be even more motivated to participate in their physical therapy sessions if they are accompanied by their caregivers. If you are their family caregiver, here are a few ways you can ease your loved one’s stress and anxiety while getting the treatment their bodies need.

  • Show up to all appointments. If you want your loved one to attend all appointments, it is important that you set a good example. Make a point to show up to all appointments, offering the senior support during each session.
  • Do all necessary stretches at home. If the physical therapist tells the elder that they need to do certain exercises or stretches at home, make sure they do them. In order to improve the elder’s health and well-being, they will need their caregivers to gently encourage them to complete any homework given by their physical therapist.
  • Keep track. Even the smallest achievements during their therapy sessions should be recorded. This could include being able to stand, walk, or exercise for longer periods of time than they could the week before. By keeping track of the progress the senior has been making, you will be able to share this information with their doctor or medical team.
  • Watch for any changes. If there are any new problems with your loved one’s health, like pain or trouble moving it is important you talk to their physical therapist. They may be able to modify certain exercises to relieve these issues.
  • Offer support. Keep in mind that your elderly parent is doing a lot of work to rehabilitate themselves, so it is important that you stand by their side to offer support. There may be times where they want to give up, which is where you come in. Having someone with them who helps to motivate them to make the right choices for their health will give them the encouragement needed to continue their physical therapy sessions.

Physical therapy is not always easy, but it can do wonderful things to help the elder manage their pain and increase their mobility. You can help by following these five tips at their next session.

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