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When you are a family caregiver, good communication is key.  Healthy communication can strengthen your relationship with your aging loved one and it can help to ensure that all of their needs Caregiver-in-Thornhilland your needs are met.  Unfortunately, many caregivers struggle with this aspect of caregiving which can result in frustration, anger, and stress.  If you are a family caregiver who is striving to improve your communication skills and have great communication with your aging loved one, read on for some helpful tips that you can utilize to make your relationship with your loved one stronger and healthier.


Be Specific

If your loved one is reluctant to ask for help or ask for things they need, they may need you to be more clear about what you can do for them.  Making vague statements such as “Let me know if you need anything” or “Call me if you need some help,” may seem like a helpful thing to say, but they leave your loved one in charge of deciding what to ask and when.  Instead, try to ask about specific needs or tasks.  For example, ask “would you like me to mow the lawn on Thursday afternoons?” or “I know grocery shopping can be a challenge, could I go with you on your next shopping trip?”


Get Support

If you have other family members such as siblings who are involved with the caregiving, be sure to include them in important discussions with your loved one.  When you approach discussions as a team, you will be more likely to feel supported and you will have others who can offer their own perspectives on an issue.


Write it Out

Do you find that you need to have a difficult discussion with your loved one?  If so, you may feel more comfortable writing out what you want to say before sitting down to talk.  If you expect that the discussion could get heated or that there will be a lot of emotion, having a written plan to follow can help you make sure to say all that needs to be said.


Learn New Strategies

If communicating well is something that you struggle with, it can be very helpful to seek support and to learn new communication strategies.  Many times, attending support groups for caregivers can help you to learn these new strategies and think of new ideas and solutions.  In addition, some counselors can help with problem-solving when communication problems arise.


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