4 Tips for Preparing for a Loved One’s Appointment About Hearing Loss

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As a caregiver to your elderly loved one, you’re constantly on the lookout for signs that he might be dealing with yet another health issue. If you suspect that your loved one’s hearing is failing, Caregiver-in-Vaughanthen it’s time to make an appointment with his doctor to get some more information.

Make a List

Take the time to make a complete list of any symptoms your loved one is experiencing. Even if they don’t seem related to the hearing loss, they could be a clue to a cause for the hearing loss. You’ll want to note information like whether the problem is in both ears or just one as well as how long the problem has been going on. Make sure that you ask your loved one about the list because he might have some information he hasn’t mentioned simply because it didn’t seem relevant.

Remember All Health Conditions

If you’re going to a different doctor for this appointment, such as an audiologist, make sure that you make a complete list of your loved one’s medical conditions. Some medical conditions, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure, can contribute to hearing loss or to other hearing problems. The more information that you can provide the doctor, the better.

Jot Down Questions to Ask

It’s really common to think that you’ll remember all of the questions that pop into your head to ask at the appointment, but when the pressure’s on, you’ll be surprised what you forget. Jot down each question as it occurs to you, and then you don’t have to worry about remembering it. When the doctor is ready for your questions, you’ll only have to look at your list to get the next one answered.

Make Note of the Answers

The other half of the question equation is, of course, the answers. You might think that it’ll be easy to remember every word that the doctor told you, but it’s more complicated than that. Take notes while you’re there, or even better, ask your loved one’s doctor if it’s okay to record the conversation on your smartphone or on a handheld recorder. Then you can listen to the answers any time you need a refresher about what exactly the doctor said.

Following these steps can help you to make the most of any appointment about your loved one’s hearing loss.

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