What Can Your Senior Eat if Her Blood Pressure Is High?

If your elderly family member has been told by her doctor that she needs to change her diet in order to manage her high blood pressure, she might not be happy. Depending on how long she’s been eating the way that she is, she may not want to make changes. But it’s possible and it can be incredibly tasty, too.


Caregiver in North York: High Blood Pressure

Caregiver in North York: High Blood Pressure


Lowering Salt Intake Is a Common Recommendation

Some people are more sensitive to salt intake than other people are. If your senior finds that she’s one of those people, then it is going to be important for her to learn other ways of seasoning her food. Adding other herbs and spices is an excellent solution and her taste buds will adapt if she gives it a little time. Something else to remember is that processed foods are high in sodium, so if she’s been relying on those, her salt intake is going to go down very quickly by switching to fresh foods.


Look for Whole Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables, whether they’re fresh, canned, or frozen, are high in vitamins and minerals that your elderly family member’s body needs in order to function. They also offer fiber and other nutrients that fill her up better than processed foods can. If you do go the canned or frozen route, make sure to read ingredient labels carefully. Some companies add salt or sugar to these products so it’s better to look for brands that don’t include extra ingredients.


Lean Proteins Are Good Choices

Lean proteins are excellent choices for your senior because she needs protein in order to maintain her muscle tone. Lean proteins are going to be sources like chicken, fish, and even plant-based choices. Although most people think about beans and nuts as plant-based proteins, lots of vegetables have plenty of protein. Peas are a good example, as is broccoli.


Shop by What’s in Season

One of the best tools you have at your disposal is actually the grocery store itself. Shopping by what fruits and vegetables are in season means that those foods are going to be on sale and they’re going to be the freshest choices, too. This means they’ll have the most nutrients and they’ll be at their tastiest.

Finding new ways of cooking and eating foods that haven’t been part of her diet can be intimidating for your elderly family member. Elder care providers can help make that easier by taking over the cooking for her. That frees her up to enjoy new foods and track the changes that are happening with her blood pressure.


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