Caregiver Stress in Thornhill – Looking for a Caregiver Escape?

“ One Caregiver’s story in Thornhill”

As a family caregiver you know the feeling: you put in long hours and you often feel neglected, tired, and alone. Just like so many other caregivers, you need to find a way to take a break. Even a few hours one afternoon a week can do a lot to help you re-energize and feel refreshed. Sometimes you’ll need to get away longer than that, or maybe for a week in the summer.Caregiver's in Thornhill

Maggie was really feeling like she needed a break one day. Her father had promised for days to get up this morning and shower and dress so they could go out shopping and for a walk in the park. She was really looking forward to this. She needed to get out of the house and so did her dad. He hadn’t been out anywhere in almost 2 weeks now.

But when morning came, he refused to get out of bed. He didn’t want to shower and that was one of Maggie’s rules. It was hard enough to get him to bathe or shower any more. She wasn’t going to take him out in public after a week of not showering.

Maggie felt so let down. But what was she to do? She decided to go out anyway, but without her dad. She called a friend to come over and sit in the living room for a while and Maggie went out shopping and to the park by herself. She really needed it. Even though she still felt a little irritated at her dad for refusing to come, she was glad she didn’t let him spoil her day.

The entire experience helped Maggie to decide to hire home care for 2 days a week so she could plan outings, or rest time for herself on a regular basis.

Where will your Great Escape be?

There are lots of exciting places to go and visit in Ontario. It all depends on where you’re located and how far away you want to go. The following list will give you some ideas of both small and great escapes you can make to help relieve the day to day stress of caregiving.

  1. Toronto Zoo. Not only is this this the largest zoo in Canada, it also ranks as one of the largest in the world. That’s pretty impressive! There is also a special children’s area within the zoo including interactive activities. The Zoo has been expanding its conservation awareness and educational efforts.
  2. Canoe ride in Algonquin Provincial Park. With its’ seemingly endless landscape of pine trees, rock and water, the majestic silence is only broken by a loon’s call or the splash of your paddle.
  3. Your favorite local campground. When the weather cooperates, there are loads of great camping areas all over Ontario. Add in some fishing too, if that’s what your family enjoys.

Or maybe like Maggie, you will take a one-day great escape to go to your favorite shopping areas. Sometimes that’s all you really need.

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