How to Keep Your Senior Safe During Cold Weather Driving

 Driving during colder weather is challenging for the best of drivers. For your senior, it might be a challenge that puts her into harm’s way far more often than necessary. Try some of these ideas to help keep your senior safer behind the wheel during cold weather. 


Caregiver in Thornhill : Cold Weather Driving

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Know When to Let Someone Else Drive 

The first thing your senior needs to be able to do is to know when it’s appropriate to let someone else drive. She may be perfectly fine to drive when all conditions are perfect, but those aren’t the only times she’ll need or want to go somewhere. Talk to her about the possibility of having elder care providers doing the driving for her. She’ll be in good hands and you’ll feel a lot more comfortable knowing she’s not alone. 


Time Trips Appropriately 

Days are shorter during colder weather and if there’s precipitation as well as cold temperatures, there might be some wisdom in timing trips the right way. Heading out later in the afternoon might be a bad idea and not just because it’s closer to rush hour. Once the sun goes down, the temperatures drop even more and precipitation becomes frozen much more rapidly. 


Keep a Winter Safety Kit in the Car  

You need to make sure your senior’s car has some essential items during colder weather. A first aid kit is helpful year-round, as are a flashlight and jumper cables. But winter might mean that your senior needs some blankets, a few bottles of water, and some snacks that don’t require refrigeration. It might also be a good idea to make sure that you put information about roadside assistance services she has access to in an easy to access location. 


Winterize the Car 

Your senior’s car may need some help during colder weather, too. Get the oil changed, as well as any other maintenance that is due. Double-check her tires, too. If she lives in an area that gets a lot of precipitation or snow, then winter tires might be a good idea. Talk to your mechanic about what else might be necessary for your senior. 

Paying just a little bit of extra attention to some of these details can help your senior to be much safer if she’s still on the road driving herself around. If you can convince her to let elder care providers drive a little more often, that’s even better. 


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