Caregiver Tips: Making the Holidays a Time to Bring Up Sharing Care Responsibilities with Your Siblings

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It is a common joke that people are stressed out and miserable during the holidays because of all of the time that they have to spend with their family members. If you have recently become a Caregiver-in-Aurorafamily caregiver for your aging parents, however, you might be feeling the stress more than usual. Taking on the responsibilities of caring for your elderly loved ones and making sure that their needs are met on a daily basis can add a tremendous amount of pressure to your life, especially if your schedule is already busy because you are taking care of your children, maintaining your marriage, and managing a career. Being with your family, however, can also be the perfect opportunity for you to bring up sharing the care responsibilities of your aging loved ones with your siblings.

It is not unusual for a family that has more than one adult child to still have just one of those adult children take on the care responsibilities of their aging parents. Whether it is because you live at closer proximity to your seniors, your work hours are more flexible, or you simply started doing things for them and it built up to a full-time caregiver relationship, if you have taken on the bulk, or even all, of your parents’ care responsibilities, you may feel upset, and even resentful and angry toward your siblings for not taking on more of their share of the responsibilities. Hosting your family for the holidays is a perfect time for you to bring up your concerns and start a more cooperative care approach with your siblings.


Try these tips for starting a conversation about sharing your caregiver responsibilities with your siblings during the holidays:

• Show them what you do. Let them “shadow” you as you take care of your parents for a day. This will let them see how much you do for them and may illuminate areas that they could contribute to. If you have particular challenges throughout the day, make sure that you point them out without whining.

• Ask for help. It is more difficult to ask for help when you are talking to your siblings over the phone or sending them messages through social media. When you see them in person at the holidays, however, you can appeal to them on a more personal level and discuss your challenges, explaining to them that you feel they should be helping you care for your seniors and asking for them to be more actively involved.

• Make suggestions. If your siblings are concerned about having to put a tremendous amount of effort into caring for your seniors, make suggestions for things that they could do that would help you and would also fit into their limitations or schedule. Recommend that they take over paying specific bills, take on bringing your parents on certain errands during the week, or that they use online shopping to send specific household items such as detergent and basic groceries to your seniors at regular intervals.


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