Caregiver Tips – Physical Activities That Can Benefit Caregivers

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Every family caregiver’s situation is unique and individual.  Some caregivers may give care full-time, while others give care from a distance and balance other responsibilities such as a family and Caregiver-in-Mississaugacareer.  Though caregiving situations are all different, they do share some commonalities.  Many caregivers, no matter what their situation may be, are forced to deal with caregiver stress and exhaustion – sometimes even on a daily basis.  For caregivers who may have chronic medical conditions of they own, such as diabetes or COPD, managing their own health as well as someone else’s can be quite a challenge which lead to even more elevated stress levels.  One thing that doctors and other health professionals routinely recommend for those suffering from stress (and from other chronic medical conditions) is exercise.  Starting an exercise program can sometimes be a bit daunting, but caregivers may be relieved to know that there are many healthy physical activities that don’t involve running for miles and miles or lifting heavy dumbbells.  Here is a list of some fun physical activities that can help you to relieve your stress and improve your health without even feeling like exercise!


Easy on the joints and relaxing, this meditative activity is great for clearing the mind while also keeping the body in motion.  Yoga is ideal for those who prefer gentler forms of exercise and who like to reach fitness goals without necessarily drowning in sweat.

Water Exercise

Water exercise is perfect for those who experience joint pain and stiffness.  In the water, you can get great cardio and strengthening exercise without compromising your joints.  If swimming laps is not for you, consider treading water or even walking in water, both will give you a great resistance workout and still be very gentle on your body.


It is hard not to smile while dancing to music you love.  If dancing is something new to you, consider trying out a group dance fitness class and learn some new moves from a professional instructor.  Taking a group class can also be a great way to get out of the house and socialize while doing something you enjoy.


Walking is one of the simplest but best forms of physical activity that you can do.  It requires almost no equipment except for a pair of shoes.  Walking outside can help you to get fresh air and sunshine – also great remedies for stress!


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