Caregiver Tips: Preparing for Summer Power Outages

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Power outages due to summer storms, extreme heat, and overloading of the grids are common during the summer months, but they can lead to unpleasant consequences, particularly if you are not prepared. Caregiver in ThornhillAs a caregiver it is important to make sure that your elderly loved ones are ready to handle a sudden loss of electricity so they can avoid problems such as food spoilage, overheating, or even injuries due to falls. Taking the time now to get plans into place and ensure they have the supplies they may need can protect them from lasting negative results during major storms this season.

Try these tips for preparing your aging loved ones and their home for summer power outages:

• Avoid candles. Candles may be the first thing that many people think about when it comes to alternative light sources during a power outage, but they can be very dangerous. Instead, invest in high-quality, weather-resistant flashlights you can put around the home so they are easily accessible if the lights suddenly go out. You can also find solar-charged lanterns that use the power of the sun to charge the batteries, allowing you to place the lanterns in a bright spot in the home during sunny days and then rely on them for lasting light if the power goes out

• Leave the refrigerator shut. If the forecast calls for a severe storm, get everything you may need to prepare a meal you want to cook and serve within the next hour, and then tape the door closed. Leave the refrigerator closed for the entirety of the outage if possible. Food in the refrigerator will stay cold for up to 12 hours, while food in the freezer will stay cold for up to 24. This means if the power comes back on during this time, you will not lose the food inside

• Gather everyone together. Power outages can be frightening, but it is comforting to have everyone together in the same place. Instruct your seniors that if you are in the home when the power goes out, they are to stay where they are and wait for you to get to them. Use a flashlight to find both of your parents and lead them back to the main room of the house so that no one gets hurt trying to find their way through in the dark

• Have supplies ready. In the instance of a prolonged power outage it is essential to have the proper survival supplies available for everyone in the home. Make sure you have at least a 3-day supply of water as well as water purification tablets, non-perishable foods, and first aid supplies for everyone in the home as well as you and their home care provider. In addition to these supplies you should have a hand crank or battery-operated radio so you can stay up-to-date with emergency messages

• Be aware of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide can be a serious risk when the power goes out. Make sure that your elderly parents have a carbon monoxide detector in the home and know how to respond if it should go off during or after an outage.

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