Is Your Senior Making it to Doctor’s Appointments?

If you’ve just discovered that your elderly family member isn’t making it to her doctor’s appointments like you expected, there might be more going on. Missing one or two appointments now and again might not be something for you to worry about, but a pattern of missed appointments means something else is going on.


Caregiver in Toronto: Senior Doctor's Appointments

Caregiver in Toronto: Senior Doctor’s Appointments


The Appointment Slipped Her Mind

It’s not unusual for anyone to forget something like an appointment or a due date. If your elderly family member isn’t used to writing down appointments or if she misplaces the appointment card, she might completely forget to go to the appointment. The problem might come in if your senior is forgetting more than just the odd appointment or due date. She might be having bigger problems that you haven’t fully explored together yet.


Her Health Issues Don’t Seem Like a Big Deal to Her

For some seniors, health conditions aren’t a priority. You might think that her high blood pressure or her high cholesterol needs to be watched. She might disagree, even if she’s on multiple medications for both. If she doesn’t see why those health issues are a big deal, she might be more likely to start avoiding doctor’s appointments. If she doesn’t hear about what’s going on from her doctor, it’s easier to stay in denial.


She’s Overwhelmed by All That Happens

Just going to the doctor can be an overwhelming experience for your senior. Depending on where her doctor’s office is and how busy that location gets, she might find that sensory overload is all she gets from going. Then there’s the appointment on top of everything else. She may find that going to the doctor leaves her feeling confused, flustered, and just generally unpleasant. For her, it might feel easier to just avoid the entire experience.


She Has No Way to Get There

If transportation has become a problem, that could be yet another reason she’s avoiding her doctor’s appointments. Whether she’s talked to you or not about her experiences with driving, that activity might be one that she now finds difficult or unsafe. She may not realize that there could be other options that get her safely to her appointment and home again afterward.


Home care services can help you and your senior with these and a variety of other reasons she might be having trouble getting to her appointments. Talk with her about what’s causing her trouble so you can help her find the right answers.


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