How to Have Fun in Only a Few Minutes

Caregivers in Etobicoke

Caregivers in EtobicokeAs a family caregiver you probably don’t feel as if you have hours and hours to devote to having fun anywhere. But there’s a lot you can do with only a few minutes.

Bake Something Delicious

Most easy baking recipes, even if you’re just going from a box mix, take only a few minutes of actual work and then the time to bake. When is the last time that you made something gooey and delicious? If you’re not into baking, the next best thing is to pick up something decadent from a local bakery. A snack or two now and again won’t blow your diet and it can feel good.

Smile at Everyone

Do you know whether or not you smile often? You may well be so busy and stressed that you aren’t even aware if you are smiling at people. Try an experiment. Smile at everyone you meet all day and see how they respond. More importantly, make note of how you feel after smiling at everyone all day long. You’re likely to see good results.

Play with a Pet or a Child

It’s amazing how much fun kids and pets can have, no matter what they’re doing. Take a few minutes and simply enjoy the adventure. You’ll find yourself laughing and relaxing without really knowing how it happened.

Read Something You Love

When is the last time that you read something just because you enjoy it? Chances are that you read a lot of information because you have to, not because you want to. Switch that up. Pick a few minutes a day where you can read something that simply appeals to you.

Gather Flowers

The thing about flowers is that you can have fun gathering them and you can have fun every time that you look at them afterward. Whether you grab some out of your garden or from the flower section the next time that you’re at the grocery store, flowers can bring you tons of joy.

You can certainly do any of these activities with your elderly loved one, but don’t forget that you need time to yourself, too. When your loved one is occupied with another task, another family member, or even her home care provider, take some time for you and have a few minutes of fun.

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