When to Have the Conversation About Stopping Driving

Upon reaching elder years, most seniors deny (or at least do not want to accept) the fact that it is time to stop driving. It is likely for their own safety, and for others as well, but it is hard for … [Read more...]

Does My Elderly Mom Need In-Home Care?

When an elderly parent notices that they are struggling with certain daily tasks, they often work hard to conceal it from their adult children. Perhaps they had a slip and fall in the shower or they … [Read more...]

Tips for Forgiving Your Parent as You Become Their Family Caregiver

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Communicating Effectively with an Elderly Adult in the Advanced Stage of Alzheimer’s Disease

The advanced stage of Alzheimer's disease, often referred to as late stage Alzheimer's, is the end of the progression. This is often considered the most difficult time for caregivers as they face the … [Read more...]