Tips for Building a Caregiver Support System

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What Do You Need in an Information Binder for Your Senior?

An information binder is something that you can set up very quickly for your elderly family member in a plain three-ring binder. Once you’ve got the framework set up according to your senior’s needs, … [Read more...]

GERD, Digestive Health and Elderly Relatives

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How to Make Exercise a Regular Part of Your Senior’s Life

Exercise is most effective when your senior is doing it regularly. But how can you make exercise a big part of her life if she hasn't been keen on it before? The first step is always to talk to your … [Read more...]

Caring for An Older Adult After Heart Bypass Surgery

When an artery that feeds the heart becomes blocked or damaged, sometimes doctors perform what is called a heart bypass surgery.  The purpose of the surgery is to make a new way for blood and oxygen … [Read more...]