Discover Some Great Ideas on Making your Senior Feel Special

Live-In Home Care For Seniors in Richmond Hill

When your senior parent reaches the stage where he needs live-in home care, he might be feeling a little insecure or discouraged about needing care around the clock. This can be a hard transition for him to make at first. Once he realizes how much easier everyday tasks can be when there’s someone there to assist him, he might perk up and become a lot happier. This is a good time to find ways to help your senior parent feel special.

Here are some ideas for you to try. These strategies can be applied to your own aging parent or any other senior adult you know. You will be pleasantly surprised at how good it makes you feel to help someone else feel good, without any special reason for doing so.

Have you touched the life a senior lately? Have you offered to assist any senior with that small shopping bag he/she is struggling to carry to the bus stop but he/she feels uneasy to ask you for help?

Life expectancy is increasing yearly. There are many seniors out there who do not have the strength to do things they used to do anymore. They may not have approached you to ask for your help but they most certainly need your assistance. They probably have not asked for your help because, they have lived independently for most of their lives and have done chores and other tasks on their own so they find it a bit difficult to ask for help because they probably think it may bother you.

  1. You can help light up their emotional health by volunteering to help them do things that they find extremely difficult to do. As seniors advance in age, their ability to take care of themselves declines more and more with time. They suddenly find themselves struggling to perform mundane tasks and chores. This is when you come in. They may need you to move that heavy load blocking their path to a suitable location or assist them with food preparation or mowing the lawns for them. They would appreciate any little help you can offer them to alleviate their situation.
  2. You could be the listening ear they crave for who would listen to their interesting stories. You may ask them questions about past events as you interact with them just to bring a smile to their face every now and then.
  3. Be mindful of their feelings and do your best not to complain when they make requests of you and never make them feel or think they are becoming a burden on your shoulders.
  4. Ask them for help or advice about something, and make sure it’s genuine. Think of a skill or talent they’ve had in their lifetime and ask them a question about it to help you in your life.

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