Could You Be Nicer to You?

Very often caregivers are not very understanding or nice to themselves. That presents big problems over time, even contributing to stress levels. When you get a handle on your reactions to yourself and to your own actions, you can turn it all around.


Elder Care in Guelph: Caregiver Tips

Elder Care in Guelph: Caregiver Tips


Would You Say that to Someone Else?

One of the first things to start asking yourself is whether or not you’d say the same things you say to yourself to another person. Most caregivers recoil in horror at that thought. The reason for that is that much of your self-talk is probably not as friendly as it could or should be. One way to take a closer look at this is to stop when you say something to yourself and really think about it. Think about how it makes you feel and whether you would have said that out loud to someone else.


Reframe Negativity so it’s More Positive

When you’re noticing negative self-talk, that’s only the first step. The next step is to reframe it and to turn it around so that it’s more positive. Again, it can help to think about what you would say instead to someone else. That negative statement can definitely be rephrased and restated in such a way so that it is not nearly so damaging.


Journal about How You’re Feeling

You might want to start keeping a journal, especially if you’re finding this to be a difficult project to tackle as it’s happening. Journaling allows you to really look at what you’re doing, what you’re saying, and how it’s making you feel. When you first start analyzing all of this it’s likely to make you a little bit uncomfortable. That’s normal because you’re undoing a lot of automatic thinking.


What Do You Really Need?

It’s a good idea to start asking yourself what you really need. When you’re feeling especially mean toward yourself, why is that? What do you need in that moment that you’re not getting? You may not be able to supply yourself with everything that you need, but you can probably do more than you realize. It’s time to start doing what you can.


This isn’t something you can fix overnight, but it will help you to be a better caregiver. When you’re taking better care of you, that means you’ve got more to give to others. If for no other reason, that’s a big part of why you need to do this work.


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