Four Tips for Making a Fall Less Likely if Your Senior Has Osteoporosis


Osteoporosis makes your senior’s bones weaker and more prone to breaking if she should fall. That’s why fall prevention is a huge priority if your elderly family member has been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Here’s how.


Elder Care in Guelph: Osteoporosis Tips

Elder Care in Guelph: Osteoporosis Tips


Clutter Needs to Go

Clutter is always a problem, but if your senior has osteoporosis you really need to nix the obstacles in her way. Anything that doesn’t have to be on the floor shouldn’t be. Don’t forget that clutter on surfaces can be just as dangerous. If your senior is looking for somewhere to put things she’s carrying, she needs to be able to do so without losing her balance. Clutter anywhere is an issue.


Overall Safety Is a Huge Priority

Safety overall is your main priority at this point. On its own, clutter is a huge issue, but there are other concerns, too. Lighting, handrails, and flooring are three of the bigger issues. It’s a good idea to set aside regular time to go through your senior’s home and look for anything that could be a potential risk for her. When you’re doing this regularly, you can spot changes much more readily.


Footwear Matters

Your senior’s feet are her foundation. If they’re not supported, she’s going to have a much more difficult time keeping her footing and avoiding a fall. Her shoes need to fit her well, without pinching or allowing her feet to slide around. They should also have a solid, non-slip sole so that she’s got a good grip even on a slick floor. Shoe sizes change, so don’t rely solely on what her shoe size has “always” been, either.


Free up Her Energy and Her Hands

Your senior might not realize this, but if she’s carrying things around, that leaves her more open to a fall. She can easily lose her balance and she might not be able to grab a piece of furniture or a handrail if she does start to fall. Using a basket at home can help, but you might also find that hiring elder care providers is a bigger help. They can take over some of the tasks that your senior burns a lot of energy doing, like laundry, and allow her to conserve that energy for when she needs it most.


Make sure that you stay on top of your senior’s current care plan for managing her osteoporosis. If the medications and other changes her doctor recommends work well for your senior, she may not experience as much bone loss as she anticipates she might.


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