4 Reasons a Personal Alarm System Is Better than Relying on the Phone for Your Elderly Loved One

Your elderly loved one might not see any reason to start wearing a personal alarm system, but it can help both her and you to feel much safer. Regardless of whether you’re the one resisting or your loved one is, these reasons can tip the scale in favor of getting a personal alarm system for your loved one.


Elder Care in Aurora: 4 Reasons a Personal Alarm System Is Better than Relying on the Phone for Your Elderly Loved One

Your Loved One Always Has it with Her

Because of how the personal alarm systems work, your loved one has either a pendant or a wristband on at all times. They’re waterproof, so she can wear it in the shower or bath and she never has to take the alarm off. That’s important because it’s one less thing that she has to think about or worry about taking with her, especially if carrying items can throw her off balance.

Phones Get Lost

If you’ve ever taken a cordless phone with you to another part of the house, left it there, and then needed the phone later, you already know how frustrating it can be to lose a phone. When it comes to your elderly loved one’s safety, that can mean that just when she needs a lifeline to help the most, it’s nowhere to be found. Also, the longer the phone is off the charger, the more likely it is to run completely down.

There Are Additional Features to Consider

In the past, when personal alarm systems were brand new, your loved one had to push a button whenever she needed help. Newer systems have some exciting features included, such as fall detection, which can mean that your loved one can get help even if she loses consciousness. Make sure that you verify all of the different options so that the alarm system you choose meets your loved one’s needs.

They Are Super Easy to Use

One of the most exciting aspects of the newer personal alarm systems is that they’re not complicated in the least. There’s nothing to program or to set up once the initial setup is complete. All your loved one needs to do is to wear her alarm system and push the button if she needs help. It’s always ready to go.

Having a personal alarm system means that even when your elderly loved one is with her elder care providers, she has that extra level of protection, too.

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Excerpt: Resisting a personal alarm system for your elderly loved one? Perhaps one of these reasons might convince you to give it a try.

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