Elder Care in Guelph – Ways to Increase Flexibility

Increasing flexibility is good for both you, and your aging loved one. For the elderly population, falls are a leading cause of injury and hospital visits. When an elderly person is stronger and more flexible, they greatly reduce their risks of falling. The four types of exercise that are essential for good health into older age include endurance, balance, strength and flexibility. This article will address the area of flexibility.Elder Care Guelph

Basically, flexibility describes the ability to have a greater range of movement. Stretching is a vital part of a physical activity exercise program. When an elderly person has been stretching and keeping their flexibility at optimum levels, they are better able to reach without losing their balance for example.

Types of Stretching Exercises for Seniors

Your loved one could exercise in their own home to a senior stretching video, or they could attend a class for seniors. Some yoga classes are really good for this. Your loved one’s elderly home care provider can encourage them to stretch every day, and drive them to a class if there’s one in their community.

Areas of the body that should be stretched are the neck and shoulders, upper arms and upper body, chest and back, and all parts of the legs and ankles. The specific types of stretching to start out with depends on what shape your elder is in. Check with a senior fitness instructor.

Safety Tips for Stretching

Your elderly parent should:

  • See her doctor before starting a stretching regimen
  • Always do a warm up before starting the stretching routine and a cool-down after. Stretching muscles before they’ve been warmed up is a recipe for disaster
  • Stretching should be done while breathing normally and comfortably
  • A mild feel of pulling is normal; don’t bounce the stretches
  • Avoid locking the joints. Arms and legs should be straightened slightly but avoid holding them firmly in a straight or locked position. Joints should always be slightly bent while stretching

Benefits of Regular Stretching

As a result of participating regularly in a stretching program, your elderly loved one should notice:

  • Her range of motion has increased
  • She can bend and pick things up more easily
  • She can reach up for things she couldn’t reach before
  • She feels more stable and steady on her feet
  • Her balance has improved

A good stretching routine doesn’t have to be done outside of the home. It can easily be done in the living room with the help of a CD or video to show the stretches. The elderly home care provider can do the routine with your loved one so she has company and encouragement to continue on with it. A few minutes a day or several times weekly can make a big improvement.

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