Home Changes that Need to be Made for a Senior with Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Rheumatoid arthritis can significantly impact an elder’s ability to do even the simplest tasks. This is because of the debilitating pain and stiffness that comes with this condition. Older adults whoElder-Care-in-Markham live alone can be in danger of becoming injured in their home, especially if they live by themselves. An elder care provider can be hired to watch over the senior and make sure they are safe and healthy. Other changes that should be done to keep your loved one healthy are home modifications. Since a typical house can be a dangerous place for someone with rheumatoid arthritis, the following tips will reduce their risk of falling or becoming hurt as they move about their home.

  • Remove all hazards on the floor. You may not realize it, but carpets, rugs, and cords can all be dangerous for older adults. The reason for this is because they could easily trip, possibly breaking a hip or worse. The best thing you can do is remove these hazards from the home. If the carpet is loose, double-sided tape can be placed underneath it to firmly connect it to the floor. Another option would be to remove the carpet altogether.
  • Safety-proof the bathroom. The bathroom can be a dangerous place, especially when there is water on the floor. In fact, this is the most dangerous room in most homes. To keep your loved one safe, install grab bars, place slip-resistant mats on the floor of the bathtub and bathroom, and install a raised toilet seat so that they do not need to lower their bodies as far.
  • Check out the handrails. When a rheumatoid arthritis flare-up occurs, it can cause an intense amount of pain to occur, no matter where the elder is. If it happens while they are on the stairs, the senior will need something sturdy to grab on to. Check the handrails on staircases inside and/or outside the home to make sure they are sturdy enough to hold up the elder when they have a flare-up.
  • Add brighter lights. One possible symptom of rheumatoid arthritis includes a change in vision. This can make it difficult for the elder to see anything in front of them, making it easier for them to trip. Add brighter lighting throughout the home and outside to make it easier for your loved one to see and avoid any tripping hazards in their path.

With proper management of the rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and medication, your loved one will be able to keep their pain to a minimum. However, these tips will also help prevent any accidents from occurring at their home.

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