8 Tips to Make Meal Prep Easier on Family Caregivers

For those of you that have dedicated yourself to the elderly care of an aging relative, you have a lot to do in the space of a day. Planning and making meals is just one of those duties that can cause a lot of stress and frustration. When things get too busy, it’s tempting to just run to the local fast food joint or indulge in something that is not very healthy. However, with a little planning, meals can be quick and easy to pull together.


Elder Care in Mississauga: Easier Senior Meal Prep

Elder Care in Mississauga: Easier Senior Meal Prep


Here are 8 tips to make meal prep much easier for busy family caregivers…


1-Prepare time-consuming ingredients all at once for the week, such as cooked chicken or rice. These ingredients refrigerate or freeze well so they are ready to go when you need them during the week and you don’t have to add an extra half hour to your evening.


2-Double batch every meal. When you get in the habit of making two meals instead of one, you’ll always have a spare to put in the freezer. That way, if you are ever too busy to cook, you can pull a healthy meal out and save time and money.


3-Cook at other times besides evening. If you have more time in the morning or afternoon, or even late at night, you can prepare a lot of meals ahead of time. Slow cooker meals can be assembled in the morning and then work hard all day to be ready for dinner. Casseroles can be refrigerated overnight and then baked at dinner time.


4-Smaller bits cook faster. Think of cutting veggies and meat into smaller pieces so they cook faster. Instead of baking whole chicken breasts, add diced chicken to a vegetable medley that’s done in half the time. Same for potatoes and other veggies—smaller means faster.


5-Purchase convenience products but only healthy ones. For example, canned beans are easy to add to many recipes, while dried beans take hours to soak before they can even be cooked. The freezer section of the supermarket often has lots of convenience foods that cut prep time down considerably.


6-Do chopping for the whole week using a food processor. From cheese, carrots, and onions to garlic, mushrooms and more, vegetables and cheese can be prepared and refrigerated until ready to use.


7-Think simple meals. Gourmet recipes with lots of ingredients and fancy cooking techniques can eat up a lot of time before anyone even takes a bite. Stick to simple, healthful meals that require relatively few ingredients and little-processed food for best results.


8-Ask for help. The fastest way to get through meal preparations is to ask for help. Whether it’s from your elderly relative, your spouse or your children, having an extra pair of hands to do the work can speed things up and get dinner on the table sooner.

Being responsible for the elderly care of a relative is both rewarding and frustrating. Finding ways to reduce meal prep time means that you can serve healthy meals in record time and free yourself up to do things that you really enjoy.


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