The Benefits of Music Therapy for Seniors

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Music is a universal language that is spoken throughout the world. People attend operas preformed in languages they don’t know, but that doesn’t detract from the beauty of the music. Young Elder-Care-in-Mississaugapeople go to hard rock concerts and dance around for hours, and they end the night feeling energized. Millions of people enjoy listening to the blues. Despite the origin of the music, the blues makes people feel good. Music in general makes people feel good. That is the power of music.


According to the Older Americans Act of 1992, music therapy is, “the use of musical or rhythmic interventions specifically selected by a music therapist to accomplish the restoration, maintenance, or improvement of social or emotional functioning, mental processing, or physical health of an older individual.”


Music therapy can be an important ingredient in the elder care your senior parent receives. It is a form of therapy that treats the entire person, not just aspects of that person or whatever illness they may have.


Speech Therapy

Music therapy is a great tool with people who suffer with dementia. It’s been proven to slow the deterioration of language and speech skills. People with Alzheimer’s disease who have lost the ability to speak can sometimes continue to hum or sing their favorite songs.


Stress Management

There are many reasons why your senior parent may feel stress. The changes in life as we age are sometimes so drastic that stress seems an obvious result. Declining health, loss of loved ones, loss of independence, even daily therapy activities can be stressful for your loved one. Playing music can ease their stress. A favorite song from their past has the power to transport them out of the stressful moment they’re in, and back to a happy memory from their past. Music can be used to help ease them into unpleasant activities, as well.


Staying Active

A beautiful song makes people want to dance and sway with the music. If you have difficulty getting your mom or dad to engage in physical activities, try playing a piece of music they love. They may want to dance, or they may want to sway in place, or clap their hands.


Music therapy can be a powerful tool in your elder care arsenal. There are so many ways to benefit your loved one’s mental, emotional, and physical health with music therapy. If you’d like to know more about music therapy and how you can use it in your parent’s elder care plan, consult their health care provider to see if they know people in your area who specialize in music therapy.


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