Elder Care in Thornhill – Health Benefits of Daily Exercise

Improving the health and well-being of your elderly loved one starts with healthy eating and an active lifestyle. Some people may think it’s too late, there’s no use for me to start now! That’s actually not true at all! Did you know that exercise starts helping a person right away?Elder Care Thornhill

As people advance in years, having an active lifestyle becomes increasingly important. Regular exercise means doing something active and meaningful physically at least 5 days per week. Benefits of regular exercise for elders include boosting their energy, maintaining their independence, reverse some aging symptoms, improve mood and memory and help manage pain and illness.

Don’t be surprised if your elderly loved one finds that it’s very challenging to keep up a regular routine for exercising, especially if it’s something she’s not used to doing. This is one area where it really helps for her to have an elderly home care provider. Her home care provider can help her to remember her exercises and encourage her along the way.

If exercise seems boring for her, spice it up by recording some of her favorite songs that she can use to listen to while she does her exercises. Or maybe she would like to exercise in a group; find out what’s available in her community as far as senior exercise classes. Another really good idea is water aerobics because there’s very little strain on the joints yet there’s great opportunity for lots of movement and range of motion in the water.

Check with our home care agency to find out more about caregivers who can provide transportation to an exercise class as well as assistance during the class.

Some myths and facts about exercise for senior adults

Myth: There’s no point in starting now. It’s too late.

Fact: Exercising has benefits for everyone regardless of their age or starting point. Start today with some light walking and work up from there.

Myth: exercising put the senior adult at risk for falling.

Fact: Quite the opposite is true actually. Exercise strengthens muscles and helps keep joints more flexible, builds stamina and helps to prevent loss of bone mass. Exercise actually reduces fall risks.

Myth: Disabled seniors can’t exercise because they have to sit all the time.

Fact: Even though there are unique challenges to exercise when disabled, there is always something one can do. For example improving cardiovascular health and muscle tone through weight lifting, stretching and doing chair aerobics.

There really isn’t a good excuse for not exercising the physical body. It benefits in so many ways, and exercises can be adapted to the needs of the individual. It also helps in maintaining a healthy body weight.

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