What to Do When Seniors Refuse Help

Julia lived a few hours away from her aging mother, Esther, but she tried to visit a couple of times each month. She began to notice that her mom seemed to be less capable than she once was. The house wasn’t as tidy and there was expired food in the refrigerator. She also noticed a stack of unopened mail lying on the counter. When she went to prepare a meal, the cupboards were nearly bare. Esther tried to laugh off Julia’s questions about the house and the state of the kitchen, saying she’d been too busy to clean and that she had waited to go grocery shopping until Julia got there so she could get what Julia wanted. However, Julia was convinced that her mother needed help and suggested that she hire an elderly care provider. But, Esther dug in her heels and refused to accept the help of any kind.

Elder Care in Markham

Elder Care Markham: Senior Assistance

Julia’s story isn’t uncommon. Many adult children of elderly parents have trouble getting their parents to accept help, even when they can see that help is desperately needed. So, how do you get an older adult to agree to hiring an elderly care provider to come to the home and assist them? Below are some tips that may help.

Encourage Independence

One of the reasons older adults are sometimes reluctant to accept assistance is because they believe it will take away some of their independence. Explain to your parent that elderly care can actually help them to remain more independent. An elderly care provider can help them to remain living in their home, rather than needing to move in with a relative or into a retirement home. An elderly care provider is simply someone who stops by the house for as long as they are needed to assist with things like cooking, cleaning, and laundry. However, if they find they need more help, an elderly care provider can do more, including offering transportation.

Enlist the Help of a Trusted Authority Figure

Your parent is used to giving you advice, not taking advice from you. If your parent won’t listen to you, consider asking someone they see as a trusted authority figure talk to them. Some suggestions are a doctor, clergy person, or a sibling.

Suggest a Trial Period

Ask your parent to try having an elderly care provider for a limited time, such as a six-month period. Tell them if it doesn’t work out, they can stop. Chances are, by the time the trial period is over, they will realize how nice it is to have someone visiting and helping around the house.

Revisit the Topic Later

Unless the situation is urgent, let the topic go for a while and come back to it later. Sometimes giving your parent some time to think about the pros and cons of having an elderly care provider can make them change their mind.

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