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There are several problems that commonly develop in old age. Some of these health problems occur because of genetics, others may be a result of poor lifestyle habits. Whatever the cause is, Elder-Care-Aurorahaving an idea of what conditions are common among seniors, including those receiving in-home care, may help prepare you and your loved one for possible health problems.

Respiratory Diseases
Chronic respiratory diseases can be fatal to the fragile bodies of seniors; while illnesses like pneumonia are not a serious threat to young adults and children, it can cause lung damage among the elder population through decreased oxygen going into their lungs. Chronic diseases are the third most common cause of death among adults over 65. However, by having a lung test administered by your loved one’s doctor and taking the necessary medications will keep your loved one healthy.

Heart Disease
High cholesterol and high blood pressure may cause serious problems with your loved one’s heart. Because it is often difficult for the elderly to manage their cholesterol and blood pressure levels, they are increasingly at risk of heart disease as they age. The best way older adults can reduce their chances of developing heart disease is through a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Found primarily in people who have limited mobility and are disabled, osteoporosis is caused by a decrease in bone mass and density. This causes the bones to become brittle and break easily, which may lead to fractures. A combination of vitamin D and calcium will help strengthen the bones in old age, which can be found in low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese. Taking supplements will also provide the older adult with the nutrients their bones need to help prevent breaks.

Alzheimer’s Disease
Alzheimer’s causes cognitive and memory issues, making it difficult for these people to live by themselves. In order to help these individuals live an independent life, having a caregiver, preferably someone who is close to them, will provide senior care. The caregiver will offer assistance with everyday tasks in order to help their loved one live at home as long as possible.

These conditions will help prepare you for conditions that your loved one may develop in their later years.

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