Elder Care Strategies to Help in the Midst of Alzheimer’s Aggression

Mississauga – Elder Care Strategies to Help in the Midst of Alzheimer’s Aggression

Alzheimer’s Disease will pose a number of challenges for the diagnosed individual and his or her family and friends.  It is a complex disease, and far too often family members take on the important role of being the caregiver becauseElder Care Mississauga they believe they are the best ones to care for their loved one. The truth is that most of these family caregivers are ill-equipped and unprepared for the problems that can build up as the disease progresses.

Memory loss is the most commonly thought of symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. Aggression is also one that many people have experienced, but it doesn’t affect all people with Alzheimer’s.  Fortunately, there are strategies to help family members and caregivers handle aggressive behavior.

Pay attention to warning signs.

Typically, there will be warning signs when he or she is becoming angry, confused, anxious, and potentially aggressive. A person with Alzheimer’s may lash out as a result of confusion, the people around, or having difficulty completing certain tasks.  Pay attention to these potential warning signs and try to get ahead of the aggressive outburst.

Look for various triggers.

Sometimes aggression occurs more frequently in the evening as a result of the flurry of activity the goes along with the evening/nighttime routine.  Try to figure out the triggers – whether it’s a specific time of day, an individual, or an activity – and address them to reduce the chances of aggression.


If a person is being aggressive, saying harsh things to people, or even getting physical, it’s important to remember that it’s not personal. It’s a direct result of the disease itself and confusion or anxiety within the elderly loved one. Getting angry or upset about something this person says to you or the caregiver and then lashing out is not going to solve anything; it’s only going to make things worse.

Disengage, ensure the individual is safe at the moment, and wait for the aggression to begin diminishing.

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