What Foods Help Keep the Nervous System Healthy?

The nervous system plays the key role in signals going from one cell in the body to another. It’s with the nervous system that messages go to and from the brain to signal nerves to painful stimuli. The nervous system helps with muscle movements, blood pressure, and breathing rate.


 Elder Care in Thornhill: Food And The Nervous System

Elder Care in Thornhill: Food And The Nervous System


Keeping the nervous system healthy is important to your health. While regular doctor visits are important, you should also eat well. Here are some foods that are known to help with nervous system health.


Foods Rich in B Vitamins


-B vitamins are an essential component in nervous system health. B1 or thiamine helps with muscle contractions and immune system protection. It’s found in many nuts, leafy green vegetables, and whole grains. B2 or riboflavin is key to breaking down the carbohydrates and fats you eat. It’s found in eggs, cruciforms, salmon, and wild rice.

-B3 is also referred to as niacin. It helps with nerve and digestive function and cell production. It’s found in leafy greens, eggs, nuts, fish, dried beans, and poultry. Pantothenic acid or B5 is good for energy and hormone production. You’ll find it in avocados, lentils, cruciforms, and dairy products.

-For cell health, aim for vitamin B6. It also helps with red blood cell production. Foods that are rich in B6 include sunflower seeds, poultry, berries, and brown rice. Folic acid is the common name for B9. It’s essential to nervous system development. Beets, dates, beans, cracked wheat, and salmon are all rich sources of folic acid.

-Finally, B12 is one of the most important vitamins. It helps your central nervous system function properly. It’s not found in vegetables. You can get it from poultry, clams, and fish.


Foods Rich in Calcium

Calcium does more than help the bones grow strong. It also helps with the body’s pH balance and maintenance of blood electrolyte levels. Find calcium in dairy products, broccoli, leafy green vegetables like kale and watercress, almonds, and sardines.


Foods Rich in Potassium

-Potassium’s job is to help regulate blood pressure, help with bone density and muscle mass, and control the electrical impulses that trigger muscle control. Potassium also helps with the balance of body fluids.

-When potassium levels are low, people may feel tired. To prevent this, eat a diet that’s rich in beans like lima and soy. Beet greens, bananas, and baked potatoes are also good sources.

-Add a caregiver to your parent’s home care plan to ensure your mom or dad eats well on a regular schedule. Caregivers can cook meals, take your parents shopping for ingredients, and eat with them.
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