Elder Care Tips: Determining If an Outdoor Space is Senior-Friendly

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Outings and adventures are an important part of your elder care plan. Whether you are heading out for a few hours in the afternoon or planning a longer trip with your aging loved ones, getting Elder Care in Richmond Hillout and changing up your elder care routine is a fantastic way to encourage more physical activity, mental stimulation, and an emotional boost. When you are planning these outings, however, it is important to ensure the health and safety of your seniors while you are there. This means determining if the places you plan to visit, particularly outdoor spaces, are senior-friendly.

Senior-friendly spaces are those that have features and amenities, whether specifically designed with seniors in mind or not, that make them safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable for elderly adults. Ensuring the spaces you visit are senior-friendly gives you greater confidence that your parents will be able to have fun with the activities and adventures that you plan without you having to worry constantly that they are at serious risk. Doing some advanced planning and research allows you to evaluate the space and gauge the features, which allows you to either change your plans to visit another place, or take further steps to prepare for your outing.

Whether you are able to actually visit a place you are considering bringing your aging loved ones before an outing or you need to do research online or over the phone, use these guidelines to help you determine if an outdoor destination is senior-friendly:

• Non-slip walking surfaces. The majority of outdoor destinations require extensive walking, which means that the walking surface is an important element of the senior-friendliness of the space. Make sure walking surfaces have good grip and do not feature loose or otherwise unstable materials;

• Accessibility. If your elderly loved ones have mobility challenges, make sure that there are plenty of accessibility features to allow them to enjoy all of the elements of the destination. Look for ramps, elevators, escalators, and stable handrails;

• Social support. Even if you are confident about caring for your aging parents, or plan to bring along their elderly health care services provider, adequate social support at the actual location can be valuable to the health and safety of the trip. This social support can come from staff members, security personnel, or volunteers. These people offer additional assistance, answers to questions, and accommodations when necessary;

• Clear patterns. Moving confidently around a space is an important part of enjoying a safe, comfortable, and healthy outing. This means making sure that there are clear patterns and instructions throughout the area so that you know where you are supposed to be, where you should walk, where you can find amenities such as restrooms, water fountains, and concessions, and what areas you should avoid. These should be clearly marked and easy to find, or you should have access to a complete map to make for more confident navigation so that you do not risk getting lost or ending up somewhere that is not safe for your seniors.

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