Four Tips for When You Realize You Can’t Do it All

Caregivers tend to be people who take action when there are things that need to be done. But if you’re still trying to do everything on your own, you might be feeling overwhelmed. Try some of these ideas.

Elderly Care in Guelph: Caregiver Assistance

Elderly Care in Guelph: Caregiver Assistance


Keep a Running List of Little Tasks Handy

There are always tasks that need to be done. Prescriptions need to be picked up and errands need to be run. You might feel as if you never seem to get to all those little tasks and you’re probably right. Start keeping a running list of those tasks you have a tough time getting to on your person. When someone asks if they can help you with something, take out that list and ask them to handle one of them.

Accepting Help Can Net You More Help

The best part about using a tactic like the one above is that when you’re more open to help and you have a task ready to go for someone, you’re more likely to get additional help in the future. Very few people ask if they can help you without genuinely wanting to do something that lightens your load. Believe them and give them something concrete they can do.

Asking for Help Gets Easier the More You Do It

Remember also that there are people in your senior’s life who don’t feel as if they could do what you do for her. They may want to help more, but they just don’t know what to do. When you ask them specifically for help, you’re giving them a way that they can participate in caregiving without taking over. The added benefit is that the more you practice asking for help, the easier it gets for you to do so.

Elder Care Providers Can Help More than You Realize

You might not realize just what elder care providers can do for both you and your aging adult. Consider giving home care services a trial run, just to see how it all works. Odds are very good that you’ll soon realize that they can offer you help on multiple levels and make caregiving much easier for you to navigate.

It’s normal to want to try to take care of your elderly family member on your own as much as possible. After all, you wanted to do this for her. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to have help along the way.

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