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The registered dietitians of Ontario at the website eatrightontario.ca have a goal and a mission to help you make food choices that are healthier. The site covers healthy eating tips as well as providing recipes to go along with good nutrition.Elderly Care Aurora

As people age, the way they taste food can change. Sometimes prescription medications also have an effect on the sense of taste. To help food retain some flavor for seniors, try using fresh herbs, salsa or different spices to add some body and richness to the flavor. Since most seniors need to cut back on sodium anyway, use spices instead of table salt to give food its savour.

Some common spices you can try:

  • Cinnamon can be used in baking, pudding, hot cereal or in soups for an East Indian flavor
  • Basil is great for pesto sauce but it also adds flavor to pasta sauce, chicken, salad dressing and scrambled eggs
  • Dill is wonderful with grated carrots, potatoes, fish or eggs
  • Cumin is great on its own to add to soups or sauces, but also try it combined with chili powder for chili, eggs, beans, or just about anything else
  • Oregano is mostly known for use in lasagna or spaghetti but it also perks up the flavor of meat and vegetables
  • Thyme is a favorite with chicken or beef but also try it in vegetables and salads
  • Rosemary is a favorite with chicken, pork or lamb. For something different, make focaccia, an aromatic flatbread adorned with rosemary
  • Curry is a spice most people associate with rice; try it also on poultry and in stew
  • Paprika is good on potato salad, eggs, seafood and any vegetable

Another way to boost the flavor of healthy foods for seniors is to use different textures and temperatures of dishes served at the same meal. For example, serve a spicy taco and a cold fruit sorbet.

Color and crunch can add appeal. Yellow and red peppers added to a green salad; strawberries and blueberries mixed together for dessert. Help your loved one to make up some meals ahead of time and keep in her freezer in a one-serving size container for a quick and healthy meal or snack when there isn’t anyone there to help her.

To keep the nutritional content high, cook food at home rather than eating out. If your elderly loved one is having difficulties in cooking good meals every day, consider getting her an elder care provider. Perhaps the help with meals along with the companionship will increase her appetite and get her back onto a healthy meal plan. It’s a very important part of overall health. When the eating habits slide and the quality of food declines, it has a physical and mental effect on the senior adult.

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