Elderly Care in Aurora – May 20th is World Autoimmune Arthritis Day

Approximately 21% of Canadian seniors age 65+ years, report having been diagnosed with arthritis. Those were the statistics a few years ago; the percentage seems to be rising in recent years. Arthritis causes pain and disability, with the result of a disruption in the person’s life. It is actually one of the leading causes of disability.Elderly Care Aurora

Elderly loved ones dealing with arthritis are more likely to need the help of elderly home care to assist with the daily tasks of life that become increasingly difficult to manage as the disease progresses. Many seniors with this condition also have additional chronic health conditions which add to their need for help.

Each year on May 20th there is a world-wide initiative to educate people to increase awareness about disease management, diet and nutritional factors, fitness, new technology and new tools for those with arthritis. Research is emphasized and agencies and individuals are encouraged to get involved.

Some quick facts about autoimmune arthritis:

  • it occurs more often in women than men
  • it can start at any age but often starts in middle age
  • exact causes aren’t known
  • a person’s own immune system attacks his or her body tissue
  • genes may play a role
  • environment has been implicated
  • hormones could be a factor
  • there isn’t a single definitive test for the disease
  • full-blown symptoms develop over time
  • some symptoms overlap with other joint problems
  • patients are treated for pain and to reduce swelling
  • doctors encourage patients to stay active
  • problem-solving with each individual patient

What can you do to help your senior loved one with the disease?

You can offer moral support as well as help physically. Your senior loved one may feel like they can’t go out and do things but it’s counter-productive for them to stay at home and be isolated and lonely. Try to encourage them to get out into the fresh spring or summer air and be with people.

You can offer to help them do some things they enjoy but need help with now, like going shopping. Take them to a swimming pool for some soothing exercise which would also be good for their joints. It’s good to keep them moving.

Keep your loved one active mentally as well as physically. This helps to avoid discouragement or depression from developing.

What can elderly home care do to help?

  • Our trained and compassionate caregivers can help with personal care like bathing, dressing and toileting
  • Provide transportation to doctor’s appointments
  • Help encourage your loved one to stay on their exercise program
  • Prepare nutritious meals and clean up after
  • Play games and provide loving companionship and friendship
  • Help him or her to stay as independent as possible
  • Help your loved one problem-solve with ways to accomplish tasks despite the arthritis.

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