How to Talk to Your Elderly Loved One About Incontinence

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When a loved one is dealing with incontinence, that can be a scary time. Maybe you worry that this means that the end is coming nearer or that there are other health problems around the bend Elderly-Care-in-Richmond-Hillthat you can’t help your loved one with. Whatever the problem, talking with your loved one about incontinence and the potential solutions is extremely important to do.

What Happens if You Don’t Talk About Incontinence?

It’s really awkward to talk to your elderly loved one about incontinence. So awkward, in fact, that many people try to put the conversation off for as long as humanly possible. This can make the situation even worse, though, because everyone involved usually knows that they need to be talking about it. Quite often, the consequences of ignoring the conversation are worse than any embarrassment you or your loved one will feel during the actual conversation.

Avoid the Euphemisms and Speak Up

Once you do decide that it’s time to talk, it’s even more tempting to use euphemisms to avoid having to say the things you’ve been afraid of saying. We all have to go to the bathroom, though, and there was probably a time or two when your loved one had to help you with a bathroom issue. Speak as plainly as you can about the situation without trying to use any cutesy words to dress it up.

Try Humor, But Don’t Mock

Just because you’re avoiding euphemisms, though, that doesn’t mean that you have to be overly serious. Humor helps a lot of really awkward situations become easier. Remember, though, that the point of using humor isn’t to mock your loved one or to make her more uncomfortable. Instead, it’s to put you both at ease and allow you to attack the problem head on.

Educate Yourself About Incontinence

The more that you know about incontinence, the easier it will be to have this conversation. Talk to your loved one’s doctor and to her elder care providers as well. They’ve had plenty of experience with helping loved ones and their caregivers to sort out problems caused by incontinence and to do it without being judgmental.

Dealing with the incontinence conversation isn’t fun, but you’ll both feel much better once you’ve had the talk.

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