Helping Your Senior Cope with Emotional Effects After Hip Surgery

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about major medical procedures such as hip surgery is usually the physical effects of this undertaking.
While hip surgery does have a potentially long physical recovery time, as a family caregiver it is important to recognize that the effects of surgery are not just physical. Your elderly loved one way also experiences emotional effects after their surgery, and it is very important to help them manage these emotional responses effectively so they are able to overcome them and focus more on their recovery.


Elderly Care in Markham : Effects After Hip Surgery

Elderly Care in Markham: Effects After Hip Surgery


Seniors who have undergone hip surgery recently are potentially vulnerable to depression, anxiety, fear about future activity levels, hopelessness, and loss of motivation. These can all be very challenging for your parent, and result in diminished quality of life and functioning. Fortunately, there are ways to help them cope with these throughout their recovery. Some of these include:


Encourage your senior to talk about how they are feeling.

Listen to them and acknowledge their emotions and reactions. Don’t be afraid to express how you are feeling as well. Hearing that you are also facing emotions regarding their hip surgery can help your parent to feel more comfortable and more willing to talk about what they are going through


Plan quality time with your parent.

Being with them shouldn’t just be about fulfilling care tasks. Plan ways you can spend time together and enjoy making memories in addition to taking care of them. This can help to reduce depression and ease feelings of isolation and loss of motivation


Acknowledge any fear they might be experiencing, and reassure them that this is normal.

Especially if their broken hip resulted from a fall, your parent might be hesitant to engage in an active lifestyle moving forward. This can be frightening and depressing for your parent. Acknowledge their fear, but encourage them to get active, and remind them that avoiding any activity will diminish their quality of life and actually increase the possibility of injury


The emotional effects of family caregiving are very real.

Adults who take on the responsibilities of being a family caregiver for an older adult are much more likely to experience stress and the potential complications of stress than those who have not taken on this responsibility. It is important for you to not only recognize the risk for stress, but also the challenges that can come with it. This enables you to take important steps to reduce stress and protect yourself from the possibility of serious complications such as depression, burnout, and physical health issues. Introducing home care into your senior’s routine is a great way to accomplish this. A care provider can be with your senior as much as is appropriate for them to meet their needs, offer companionship and support, and ensure your schedule has the flexibility and freedom you need to manage other aspects of your life.

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