Handy Tips for Picking Supportive Shoes for Your Mom

You need supportive shoes for your mom. She hasn’t liked her shoes for a while. Her main complaints are her feet hurt after an hour of walking around. It makes her hesitant to go to museums, natural areas, or other venues where she’ll be on her feet for most of the day.


Elderly Care in Toronto: Senior Support Shoes

Elderly Care in Toronto: Senior Support Shoes


Finding shoes that fit and are comfortable can lower her risk of falling when she’s out walking. Here are tips to find supportive shoes that will help her feet stay comfortable.


Look For These Key Features…


-There are a few features that you need to find in shoes. Gel cushioning is one of them. This gel material is added to the bottom of a shoe to help absorb the impact of each step. It diverts the force of that step to the gel rather than to the heels and base of the foot.

-Insoles that are made of memory foam will cushion the foot and then return to form when your mom isn’t wearing them. It’s a good way to get support and a pillowy cushion that your foot sits in all day.

-If your mom struggles to tie her shoes, a slip-on shoe or one with velcro will be easier for her to manage. The ability to tie shoes may worsen with arthritis or dementia. Keep that in mind when you’re buying new shoes.

-Mesh shoes provide more breathability. This can help keep the feet from sweating and causing blisters. Mesh shoes also dry faster if they get wet.


Men’s Shoes May Fit Better

Your mom may find that men’s shoes fit better. While some women’s shoe designs have narrower toes, men’s shoes are likely to be wider in this area. She may find that men’s shoes are more comfortable. This makes them a better choice.


Measure Her Feet at the End of a Day

Always try on new shoes and measure her feet at the end of a day. After she’s been on them for hours, they’ll be slightly swollen. You get the best fit this way.


Have a Caregiver Available for Daily Activities

In addition to comfortable shoes that fit correctly, the help of an elder care aide keeps your mom safe. She’ll have a caregiver around to help her get her daily exercise without having to worry about being alone while taking that walk or using exercise equipment within her home.

Caregivers also help with household chores, meal preparation, and transportation. Call an elder care agency to talk about the services that would benefit your mom.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Elderly Care in Toronto, please contact the caring professionals at Staff Relief Health Care 24/7 at (905)-709-1767.

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