Why Clean Laundry is Important for Elderly Adults

Most people take clean laundry for granted, but when an elderly person is limited in ability, it can seem like an impossible goal.
Clean laundry is important for everyone, but many family caregivers don’t take into consideration what it takes for an aging adult to gather, sort, wash, dry, fold and put away clothes, bedding, and towels. Family caregivers can pitch in and help, but the best way to ensure their aging relatives have clean laundry is to hire a home care provider.


Elderly Care in Vaughan: Senior Laundry

Elderly Care in Vaughan: Senior Laundry



Why Is Clean Laundry Important?

Dirty laundry affects people in two ways—physically and emotionally. Clothing, bedding, and towels get dirty with use, which makes them the perfect home for microorganisms like bacteria. These microorganisms can cause all kinds of illnesses and infections if they are worn for long without washing. They can also lead to body odor. Similarly, bedding absorbs body oils and dirt, which means it needs to be washed frequently. If the fabrics are not washed regularly they can contribute to an elderly person’s poor health.


Emotionally, clean laundry can make an elderly person feel good about how they look and smell. When they have on clean clothes, they know they look their best and their self-confidence grows. When they are wearing dirty, stained and smelly clothes, they are most likely embarrassed or angry that they look the way they do. It may prevent them from socializing due to worry or embarrassment, which leads to further isolation. Clean laundry is an important part of an adult’s health and wellness.


How Home Care Providers Can Help

Home care providers are professionals that come to an elderly person’s home and help with all the daily tasks that the senior cannot do for themselves. Often elderly adults reach the point where they have difficulty lifting, bending, grasping, and sometimes walking and standing. Laundry requires a lot of movement, and the home care providers can step in and do the task.

Cleaning fabrics with soap and water is the only way to get rid of bacteria, and it should be done regularly. The closer the clothing is worn to the skin, the more frequently it should be laundered. Home care providers can set up a laundry schedule with the aging adult and family caregivers so that there is always clean laundry available. Home care providers can also change out the bedding at least once per week or more if needed and include that in their regular laundry duties.


Getting the laundry done on a regular basis is just one of the many things that create a comfortable and tidy home for an elderly adult who wants to age in place but cannot quite do so independently. Hiring a home care provider can ensure the senior is clean and comfortable without causing them stress or risking their safety and health.


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