Independence and Alzheimer’s: How to Make it Happen for Your Loved One?

Do you worry about your loved one isolating themselves? This is why it is so important that they stay independent as long as possible. They will be more likely to be involved with things because they have respect for themselves and what they do. They also feel more freedom when they have independence, too. If your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease that doesn’t mean they should no longer be independent. It just means you may have to help them out sometimes and support them a bit more.


Elderly Care in Vaughan: Independence and Alzheimer’s

Elderly Care in Vaughan: Independence and Alzheimer’s

Community Involvement

When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, it can be tough. You may want to keep them home all the time and watch them all the time, as well. However, it is important that they keep their independence as long as they can. Getting them or keeping them involved in the community is one way they can keep their independence. Have them go to the community center, surround themselves with positive and independent people, and go to support groups. These are people who will support them throughout the progression of their disease. They should have senior care providers who can help out with things, too.

Best Environment

If you want your loved one to stay independent, even though they have Alzheimer’s disease, you’ll need to make sure they have the best environment possible. Make sure their home is comfortable and safe. Reduce the chances that they will have a fall. Improve the beauty and value of their homes, so they enjoy being there. If they want to make a change to their home, do it. Put motion-sensor lights throughout the home. Take out rugs, so the flooring is all the same. Install a shower head that is adjustable. Take all the doorknobs out and put in handles that are levers instead.

Great Technology

There are many pieces of technology that will help your elderly loved one to stay independent, even though they have Alzheimer’s disease. You can get them a medication dispenser that is all electronic. You can have them use ride-sharing apps to get from one place to another. Signing them up for food delivery can be a great way for them to get their groceries. You can also get your loved one apps for music streaming for when they are feeling down.

Their Body

One of the main reasons many people with Alzheimer’s disease have to move out of their homes is because they aren’t safe. There are too many fall risks. If you want your loved one to live at home with senior care providers and yourself helping them out, there are some things you can do to help them. You can get your loved one footwear that keeps them on their feet, have them practice moving around, have them practice quicker reactions, and more.


Making sure that your loved one does these things can help them to stay independent even if they have Alzheimer’s disease.

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