Happy Nursing Week from Staff Relief, Richmond Hill

Thank you to all the amazing Staff Relief nurses and caregivers! Faced with heavy workloads and lack of resources, you often find yourself stressed, overwhelmed and burned-out. You often face a certain amount of personal risk. But, you always follow the mission of providing for and taking care of all concerned in any given situation. We thank you for staying committed to preserving dignity and providing safe, compassionate, competent and ethical care.

Together, we work to ensure the best possible nursing care that transmits trust, comfort, and friendship for all. Thank you for being the role models of caring practice, kindness, love, and heart-centered service to humanity.

Staff Relief Health Care Services

About Susan Di Michele

We have a team of dedicated healthcare professionals. We strongly believe in improving health and wellness of individuals, their families, and communities. Through nurturance, gentleness and compassion, our team strives to shine a light on what it takes to be role models of caring practice.
Our mission is to support a society in which respect for the rights and dignity of people is a practical reality in all areas of life, where discrimination is a thing of the past, and where a positive view of ill and aging people prevails. We strive to ensure that every individual is informed, supported and encouraged to embrace a lifestyle that has continued meaning, purpose and value. Together these actions genuinely empower and respect individuals’ abilities to make independent choices based on their personal interests, capacities and needs.
The most important of all is “CARE”. We care about the people we serve. Our focus is to treat everyone with respect and dignity they deserve. Our vision is to provide excellence in health care for all those we serve.

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