Have You Considered Small Things Like Doing Mom’s Hair Could Help Boost Her Mood?

Senior Care in North York – Tips for caring for your Senior Mother’s Hair

A woman in her senior years still wants her hair to look pretty. She has been styling it all her life but as the years add up, there comes a time when it’s a little more difficult to raise her arms and keep them up long enough to finish a hair style.Senior Care North York

A woman likes to look nice and have a pretty hairstyle. It helps her feel good about how she looks. If you have noticed your mom struggles to do her own hair there are a few options for you to think about.

You may not have the time to help her with hair care. It involves regular shampooing and conditioning, curling and styling, coloring and sometimes perming depending on what your mom is used to and what she likes.

Tips for taking care of senior hair:

  • Have a sense of humor. Things might not always work out perfectly each time. Hopefully your loved one can have a sense of humor too. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just do your best.
  • Keep things a simple as possible. If you’ve never permed hair before, take her to a salon to get it done. Don’t try and do cutting and coloring if you aren’t experienced. Take her to a salon or if you arrange for a caregiver from senior care services, her caregiver can take her on these trips.
  • Use mild, gentle and even natural products as often as possible. They are much gentler on senior hair than the chemically-laden ones are.
  • If you have trouble with estimating the water temperature, test the water on your inner arm or inner wrist first. It should be the same temperature and not hotter.
  • Use some music in the background or something calming to set the mood for the elderly loved one who has dementia and may be fighting you when you try to do her hair. Not all elderly people like to be tipped back or forward to get their hair washed. They also may not have patience for curlers or anything like that.
  • If your mom wants nice hair but can’t tolerate having it touched by someone else, consider letting her wear a wig. There are many high quality wigs available at low prices and your mom’s hair would always look perfect.

Whether it’s hair care or other personal hygiene your mom struggles with, home care services are ready to help. Trained and loving caregivers can come and assist your parent with everyday tasks such as personal care, home care, transportation, reminders to take medication and so on. Caregivers usually become loved and trusted friends and confidants, helping your loved one to have someone to talk to and depend on.

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