Have You Ever Wondered What Has Changed with Your Elderly Loved One’s Eating Habits? Think About these Possible Reasons.

Elderly Care Considerations in Thornhill

Most of us, both young and older, often tend to ignore the need of fruit and vegetables in our diet. Although seniors may eat comparatively more, most still fall short of the minimum requirement of a good nutrition. This can be linked to the following reasons:Elderly Care Thornhill

  • Problem chewing food
  • Taste changes
  • Problems of reach
  • Appetite changes
  • Absence of drive or motivation
  • Difficulties preparing their own food
  • Challenges in shopping for groceries such as transportation

Intake of a variety of fruits is highly recommended throughout life as the fiber and nutrients in them can help in reducing chances of elderly diseases like strokes, heart diseases, high blood pressures and certain cancers. It can also help prevent visual and digestive problem besides satisfying hunger. Nutritionists used to prescribe a minimum intake of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis but this is no longer deemed sufficient. Requirements may vary from one individual to another on account of physical activities, gender, and age but a general intake of 5-13 servings is recommended now (combined fruit and vegetables).

If you are on a low fruit diet, you should consider increasing your intake. Make sure your fruits and vegetables are put in the kitchen where you will see them, or in the refrigerator so that you are more likely to notice and eat them.

Use carrot and celery sticks as a snack instead of potato chips. Use a peach or pear as a dessert instead of a piece of cake. Offer more fruit and vegetables to your elderly loved one as part of their weekly diet. If they have difficulties chewing the raw ones, steam them or sauté lightly. Call elder care services if you need help with your senior parent. Do they need someone to come in on a daily basis and help with preparing meals? How about with planning the food and grocery shopping? An elder care provider also gives friendship and companionship to your parent. These are essential for an elder’s emotional well-being.

Make it your habit to have a taste of a small amount of fruit before every meal, at least three times a day. Try different varieties of fruit every time. Have a vegetarian night and try taking in some of your fruit and vegetables raw. You will start to like it. Try to make as many combinations of fruit and vegetables as you can. Add fruits to different kinds of meals to add variety. Add fruits to omelet, pizza, sandwich and yogurt. If you like it, you can make a combination of two or more dishes like adding yogurt to fruit for dessert after a vegetable-rich sandwich or salad.

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