Helpful Tips on Introducing a Care Provider into your Parent’s Home

Some people are very private. The thought of a stranger entering their home, let alone helping them with daily chores and everyday tasks, can border on appalling. This can be challenging to a family caregiver requiring respite care. How do you introduce a care provider to your loved one and into their home without crossing the boundaries that your parent has so carefully drawn? But caregiver burnout is real and the need for a few days a week in which you address your needs is vital. Fortunately, there are many who have walked the path you’re on. Here is what has worked for them.


It’s important that your parent feel some control in a world that may feel as if it is constantly changing. They may be faltering physically, memory may be waning, and they find themselves requiring help to complete the daily activities of living. Few see this day coming, but many will experience it. Maintaining a sense of independence is crucial to those in this stage of their life. To that end, help them understand your needs in a gentle manner such as, “There are some things on my to-do list, appointments I need to keep, and activities I have to attend to a few days a week.” Then let them know that they are going to play a large part in determining who will be there to help them on those days that you are scheduling for yourself.

Elder Care in North York: Helpful Tips on Introducing a Care Provider into your Parent’s Home


To this end, make sure your parent is in on the interview and has a say in who you hire as an elderly care provider. There will be that one person that makes them smile a little more and you can see the shell they’ve created will slowly dissolve with time. The truth is that many elderly care providers become close companions of those they care for—your parent just doesn’t know that quite yet.


Introduce their new care provider into their home when you’re there for a day or two. In this way, they feel safe and get to know the elderly care provider while in the company of family. Incorporate a few of your parent’s favorite activities: a luncheon out, a trip to the botanical gardens, a walk in the neighborhood green space. In this way, your parent correlates their new care provider with activities that they enjoy.

Your Presence

Acknowledge your parent’s concerns. They may be feeling like this is just the tip of the iceburg and that they will be seeing you less and less. Assure them that you are there for them, through thick and thin. Consider calling them the first few weeks on your days of respite. This gives them a sense of permanence and helps them realize that you are just a phone call away. The good news: what began as a difficult situation often becomes an event that your parent looks forward to.

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