Helping Your Elderly Loved One Get Enough Sleep

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It’s frustrating to not be able to sleep well, and that can go double for your elderly loved one. If she’s plagued by health problems already, then a rough night’s sleep can add insult to injury. Here Elderly-Care-Mississaugaare some things that you can do if your loved one is having a hard time getting some shut eye.

Get a Routine in Place

Routines help your loved one’s mind and body know what comes next. When it comes to fixing sleep patterns or getting enough sleep, routines can be essential. When you were a young child, your parents likely had bedtime routines for you. There was a bath, story time, and then that last glass of water. Even if the routine was slightly different, it was there, and it helped to ease you into going to sleep. Your elderly loved one needs a nighttime routine, too. It is far more likely to consist of evening medications, maybe some TV or reading, and then bed, but the idea is the same. Follow nighttime routines with morning routines in which your loved one gets up around the same time each day and follows a certain plan.

Nix Caffeine Late in the Day

For most people, caffeine is a stimulant. That means that it can keep them awake at night if they consume it too late in the day. Some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others are, and your loved one may need to avoid caffeinated drinks in the afternoon in order to get a good night’s sleep. Try experimenting with other drinks in the afternoon, such as herbal tea or plain water. Having time to get the caffeine out of her system earlier in the day allows her body to rest when she’s ready to get some sleep.

Get Moving

Exercise does so many wonderful things for your loved one’s health, and it can help her to sleep better, too. Getting a few minutes of movement in during the day a few hours before bedtime gets her blood flowing and helps to wear her out just enough. Exercise helps to make her body stronger, too, which means that she can fight off illnesses that might make her sleep restless.

Check Out Side Effects

Some of the medications that your loved one takes may have sleep disruption as a side effect. It’s a good idea to talk to her doctor about any medications that she’s on if she’s having trouble sleeping. Once your loved one’s doctor rules out side effects, he may have other suggestions that can help her to get better sleep. You can also try talking to your loved one’s elderly care providers to see if anything in her daily routine can be tweaked a bit to help her fall asleep better and get more rest.

Getting a decent night’s sleep regularly helps your loved one to have a much better quality of life.

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